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and then jim takes pictures and sends them to the entire crew because that’s what best friends are for


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I’m not a magician, Spock, just an old country doctor.

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How to Flirt: A Comprehensive Guide by Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

Step 1:
Find yourself on an aircraft of some sort (shuttles, starships, etc.).
Step 2:
Find a pretty, blue-eyed blond(e).
Step 3:
Threaten to hurl on them.
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I’ve got different coloured eyes than DeForest..


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you’re an old fashioned boy, mccoy (20 min)


you’re an old fashioned boy, mccoy 
(20 min)

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girls don’t like boys girls like leonard horatio mccoy

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leonard h(ow did i let this happen) mccoy

leonard h(ere i go again) mccoy

leonard h(eck heck heckie) mccoy

leonard h(oly mother of god, jim!) mccoy

leonard h(as no idea how he became best friends with a green-blooded hobgoblin) mccoy

leonard h(ow many times have i retired today?) mccoy

leonard h(ere’s another copy of my resignation papers for good luck) mccoy

leonard h(ell is where i work) mccoy

leonard h(ere’s to the best damn years of my life) mccoy

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